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Crispy, very light Gaziantep dessert

The best choice for your overseas orders and gifts


Approximate number of slices and tray weights by order quantity

500 g can of 28-30 slices

1 kg box 55-60 slices

30x40 cm tray 88 slices Weight 1250 gr (- + 10%)

35x45 cm tray 110 slices Weight 1750 g (- + 10%)

Nightingale's Nest

  • Ingredients: Flour, salt, water, egg, oil, starch, sugar, pistachio and lemon juice.

    It is produced by Sıroğlu Baklavaları, TR-09-K-002486, with the permission of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.


*As we produce daily, we have the product you ordered  may be out of stock. In this case, you will be contacted for next day delivery. 

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