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Frequently asked Questions


* What type of sugar used in dessert?

In any of our products, we do not use artificial sugars that pass through chemical processes, such as corn syrup, glucose, fructose, and their effects on human health are controversial. Baklava sherbet prepared from white crystal sugar in our own workshop is used in all our desserts. We are particularly sensitive in this regard, you can consume our products with peace of mind.


* How should Baklava be preserved?

Baklava can be stored on a flat surface at a temperature of 10-15 C by reducing contact with air and without spoiling for about 6 days.


* Why sugar crystallization occurs?

In all baklava sherbet consisting of water and sugar is used. In hot weather, the water in the syrup evaporates, and in cold weather the syrup and oil freeze. Therefore, crystallization occurs. To prevent this, keep the baklava in a cool place and covered in hot weather, and serve it in cold weather by heating slightly. The baklava is not spoiled, it is not harmful to health.

* What are the features of quality baklava?

A good baklava should appeal to five senses. First of all, it should be golden yellow, shiny and swelled in the shape of a dome. The crackling that pops when you dip your fork will appeal to your ear. You should smell it well before you bite, because you should feel the smell of butter that will come to your nose. While biting, the bottom should come to your palate and the top to your tongue. If you do not hear the crackling when you sink and bite your fork, that baklava is stale. A well-opened baklava should be dispersed in the mouth immediately after being bitten. If your throat burns and sugar bothers you while eating baklava, the dough sugar ratio is not well adjusted. If your stomach hurts or burns after eating baklava, you should definitely change the place where you shop, because this kind of discomfort is an indication that the baklava does not use quality materials in his products.

In the first week of August in Antep baklava, the dark green-colored smell and taste of pistachios, which gives 110-170 grams of seed, are used in 1 kilo, which is newly ripened and called “firik or boz-interior” among the people. Pure butter, prepared to contain 99.9% fat, which is free from salt and other ingredients, is used as oil. Baklava dough should be opened very thin (about 0.3 mm thick). If the dough does not open thinly, even if the material used is perfect, baklava does not disperse in the mouth and leaves bread taste.

fıstıklı Baklava1.JPG

* Does the invoice or receipt go along with the gift when sending gifts?

If your shopping is sent as a gift, we send your product with a price-free waybill. We also send the receipt or invoice to you by email.


* Can I give up my order or return the desserts I bought?

If the product is not delivered to cargo, you can contact us and cancel it without any problems and get your payment without reduction. Unfortunately, if the product was shipped to you. Because even if the product comes back to us without any problems, it is not even possible to sell the same product to another customer in terms of hygiene and food safety. The product has no commercial value for us and we have to destroy it. However, if the product is damaged in the cargo or if there is a problem caused by us, we will repeat your order free of charge if you send the photos to us. According to our trade law, food products do not have the right to withdraw and return.

* How can I get detailed information on topics such as site functioning and online shopping?

You can access the details by using the cancellation and Return Conditions, Delivery Conditions, Distance Sales Agreement, Membership Agreement, Privacy and Cookie Policies links at the bottom of each page. If you still have questions that you haven't found the answer, you can send us a message from the contact section and ask your questions via e-mail or Whatsapp.

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