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Aydın and İzmir to certain districts

free delivery with our own couriers

Please see the Delivery Terms for details.

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For orders over 99 TL

All over Turkey

free shipping


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External factors

durable packaging

*As we produce daily, we have the product you ordered  may be out of stock. In this case, you will be contacted for next day delivery.

*Tray orders are not suitable for shipping. Tray orders are delivered only in courier regions. 

Kiloluk Tatlılar

Tepsi Tatlılar

Siparişten 1 gün sonra teslim edilir / kargoya verilir. Kargo gönderimlerinde zarar görmemesi için tepsi içindeki tatlı paketlenerek 1 er kiloluk kutular içinde gönderilir.

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