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sweetens life for 45 years

Siroglu Baklavas

As Sıroğlu Baklavaları, we started our activities with our first store opened in Aydın Süvarioğlu Mall on September 6, 1975. Our founder Mahmut Sır learned the baklava production from the craftsmen in Gaziantep, the city where he was born, from ages and laid the foundations of the company in this shop, which is both a sales place and a factory after many years of professional experience.

Combining values ​​such as love of profession, craftsmanship, with cleanliness, quality materials, respectful and friendly service and beauty of product presentation has enabled us to succeed in a short time. After moving to the sales place in Kazım Karabekir Street in 1987, the first shop turned into a production workshop, and continued to be used with extensions until the day of the Süvarioğlu Mall closed.

Gqziantep Baklava Maker

Sıroğlu for decades

We collected the sweetest memories together

With the tastes that we have been offering since the first day we opened, we became the first name that comes to mind when we say baklava in the province, and we took another step on the way of growth with our branch opened in Adnan Menderes Boulevard in 1997. While developing in production, materials and our masters and employees, we opened our first franchise store in Nazilli in 2003 to expand our sales network. With the participation of our branches in İzmir-Hatay in 2009 and Aydın-Girne branches in our sales network in 2013, we started to serve in 5 stores.

We continue to work for the better with the excitement and principles of the very first founder of Mahmut Sır, Sıroğlu, which we lost in 2012, with the excitement and principles of the day, and we serve our customers by offering the traditional baklava flavor in modern conditions. We present our thanks to all our colleagues who have contributed to this success and to our customers who have been shopping with the same satisfaction for years.


Mahmut Sir

Contact / Tel: 256-225 5677

  • Kazim Karabekir Cad. (The Way of Love) No:32 Aydın                   Tel:0256 225 56 77              

  • Adnan Menderes Bulvarı No:33 Aydın                                  Tel:0256 214 43 83              

  • Kyrenia Mh. Şair Ömer Bulvarı No:10/B Aydın                         Tel:0256 219 02 19   

  • Altintas Mah. Koca Cami Cad. No:2/A Nazilli Aydın               Tel:0256 312 24 00

  • İnönü Cad. No:240 Hatay Konak İzmir                                 Tel:0232 227 07 08

  • Turkan Saylan Cad. No:58 İncirliova                                    Tel:0256 585 18 73 

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